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What Is A Multi Split Air Conditioning System?

Multi-split air conditioning systems allow up to 5 indoor units to be run from a single external unit.  This is ideal for situations where space is a big issue outside and you are trying to heat and cool many rooms right next to each other.

Multi Inverter Heat Pump / Air Conditioning systems from Cooleasy are slightly different from the rest of the products that we offer.  These systems are available to mix and match so you can specify exactly what you want and don’t have to pay extra for a system which is greater than what you really need.  All of our compressors are Inverter systems which give greater efficiency and reliability compared to non-inverter models.  Because of the size of the compressor on these systems, having the added bonus of an inverter type model will really pay off.  These systems are all multi inverter heat pumps which means they will either heat or cool.

How Do I Select The Best Indoor Units For Me?

First of all you need to work out the sizes of each room and how much cooling is required in each room.  Generally speaking it is a good idea to follow this rule, for conservatories or server rooms you will need to take the extra heat load into consideration.

15Sqm – 7,000 btu
20Sqm – 9,000 btu
25Sqm – 12,000 btu
40Sqm – 18,000 btu

Once you have worked out what size indoor units you need, take a look at the range of multi inverter air conditioning indoor units we have on offer, we have a selection of ceiling cassettes, functional but budget matching series evaporators and high style and prestige designer series evaporators.

How Do I Select The Best Outdoor Unit For Me?

Once you have found out what indoor units you require you can size up the size of the condenser (Outdoor unit). Each unit has the capacity listed in the title, you need to add up the total capacity in btu of the indoor units you have selected and see which is the most suitable condenser unit.  For example, if you have picked 3, 9000btu indoor units then your total capacity would be 27,000btu.  So you would need a condenser unit with at least 27,000btu and can manage a 3 way split, this will give you optimum performance and value for money from your multi inverter heat pump.

If you need any help deciding what would be best for you then please call us straight away and we can help you choose a system, our dedicated sales and support team have many years of experience with these systems and will be able to help you without a problem.

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